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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Changes Afoot!

The Weirding is moving. Actually, we are simply changing hosts, so the name is not changing, just the IP address. You really shouldn't notice any major changes on your end, but there may be a period of disappearance or some intermittent connectivity issues for a while.

The site will also be undergoing some major changes in navigation and structure, though the overall graphic design and navigational approach will remain the same. In particular, The Speakeasy may have to be closed for remodeling. Unfortunately, it did not take off as fast or fervently as I'd hoped, so it probably won't be missed much. The Wording will probably also be down for a moment and may even have to be restarted - for the like 5th time...

Again, you should not notice any major interruption in service, and The Rundown will not be affected at all by these changes (even though it is about to get a facelift of its own), but the other blogs will probably have some changes and may be hard to get to.

All in all, we're trying to make this as smooth as possible, and we're going to figure out some way to keep everything together, so don't fret and just stick with us for a bit while we get all of this together, please?

You can find out more about everything by following the links within, and thanks!

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