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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Finding My Way

I'm sure you've noticed that I've been posting more general stuff lately. I mean, aside from the excuses as to why I haven't been focused more on the blog, most of the stuff here seems kind of dry to me. I love to talk about these things and when I do in real life, I get passionate and so forth - things which aren't easy to impart in the written form without taking focus off the topic. Here, I have tried to remain close to whatever I am discussing so as to stress the importance of the subject and not stray from the topic.

But, as I've said, it has started to feel dry to me - more technical and matter-of-fact than interesting. And these subjects are incredibly interesting and enjoyable to discuss! So, the past few weeks, I have been trying to kind of "feel" my way about. I wanted to get more personal and discuss life, everyday things, and just general ideas and feelings I have so that I feel more comfortable and more of myself comes through when discussing the real meat and potatoes.

It isn't so much that I want you to "get to know the real me" or anything - I have plenty of other blogs and a website where my personality is on display, if you are interested in that; I am really trying to "find my Voice" here. I know that I can discuss these things in an interesting way, yet still give you the information I want to pass along, and I'm trying to find the best way to do that here.

So I'll be getting back to the "raw data" in no time, but I wanted to stop by and fill you in on what I am up to, in case anyone was wondering why there have been more "musings" lately than actual, straight-forward paranormal posts.

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