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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things What Done Fell From the Sky - Behind the Wrecking Ball

Alright, so I was not exactly truthful about the ads slowing down today. But in my defense, I didn't realize that one was there...

ANYhoo, how's about we stop-in for one of the great Things What Done Fell From the Sky entries? Since this has become a recurring feature - and one we both enjoy immensely and are very proud of - I've decided to drop the numbers with this entry (Pts. 1-6 or 7 is where we stopped, I believe). Also, this one is a bit different from the others because this is actually about a single thing that disappeared into the skies - or just plain thin air, if you like.

This is one of the stories of the Unexplained which has always fascinated me and makes me wonder if there is any truth to it whatsoever. I could have included another, similar, tale which you have likely heard: the one about the guy from Tennessee (or a few other places, depending on where you're from and how you heard it) who was walking across the yard, waving goodbye to his family, when he just disappeared.

But that one was a fake.

The story I am about to share with you has not been verified independently by this writer and this is the only account of it I have ever seen:

One day in 1974, workers for the Dowling Construction Company in Indianapolis left a 5-ton stell wrecking ball hanging from a crane 200' above the ground. The next morning, the ball was gone. Police, officials for the company, and everyone involved were completely baffled. The ball was never found.

Mysteries of the Unexplained, p. 95

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