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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Personal Note

As I discussed before, I am in some legal trouble right now. Well, I hope not too much "trouble," per se, (I hope) but I have some legal issues with which to contend. A friend of mine said that if I plead "Not Guilty," they will likely drop the charges before taking it to trial, but I am not so sure. After all, if they were going to drop the charges, I would have thought they would have done that before dragging me into court to begin with. And when I plead "Not Guilty" the other day, the judge made a continuance, so I'm not so sure they are going to drop the charges.

Still, though this has been weighing on me (obviously) for good reason, there is more. After going through this, I have redoubled my efforts to move. Maybe this was just the thing I needed to light a fire under me and get me going. So there's that, too.

Then there's the website. The name has to be renewed and the pointers have to be set to the new IP address and I haven't done the first damn thing with all of that yet. I was working on it before I got popped for drinking in my own home, but since I got back, I have been overloaded with the blogs, so... Still, I hope you are getting a good idea of what all I'm dealing with over here so you understand why I am not more active, even though there have been some really interesting stories lately that I intend to get to as soon as I can.

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