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Monday, October 22, 2007


Some pretty wild weather here I thought I would mention, seeing as how the past year or few have been marked by such.

Where I live, we just went through one of the worst droughts in something like 100 years. It broke a week or so back with spectacular thunderstorms and 46 tornadoes which literally encircled the terrible county in which I live.

FNC reported that New Orleans has received 8-9" of rain and has closed the City Hall, canceled school, and is taking other measures. More rain is expected tonight and tornado- and hurricane-force winds are expected in the area.

While slightly above them and below me, Atlanta, GA is saying that millions could lose water within 3 months! Their reservoir is so far below the normal level that the governor has declared a state of emergency and has asked for federal help.

MEANWHILE (elsewhere), tornadic winds are pushing wildfires across the great state of California with the number of houses and structures lost expected to hit the thousands! At least two landmarks have already been engulfed and the fires may possibly reach the sea...

Wild, wild weather phenomena or the end of the world?


I, er, ah sorry...

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