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Friday, November 16, 2007

Machine Gun Posting

We have spoken enough on the Blogger/FTP issues this month, but I just want wanted to point-out that there are several posts to get out to today and I posted the earlier ad just to see if it would go through. We got lucky on that one, so I have hopes for the others today. Unfortunately, with everything else that's been happening, I am going to basically do a 1::1 ratio until I get the sponsored posts on out there, just in case it starts to fall apart along the way.

I know that a lot of what we have been bringing you has been decidedly non-paranormal and non-Supernatural, but those tend to be shorter and more to the point,m which is why I did that: I didn't want to spend too long getting into the philosophical ramifications that often accompany the "Unknown" and Unexplained only to find out it is going to cycle through publishing for 2-3 days before finally being published. So, so long as things appear to be working more or less correctly, I am going to pump-out the stories sandwiched between some sponsored posts just so I can get them out and beat the deadlines.

If everything works out well, I'll drop back to a more relaxed agenda for the rest of the day. I just figure, given the fact that it's been working fine one day, the not at all for several, I have to do what has to be done!

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