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Friday, November 9, 2007

Milk Does a Birthday Good

A new study has shown that vitamin D may slow the aging process, but the study stops short of claiming cause and effect. Apparently, vitamin D shortens the DNA strands of telomere within each cell, which effectively "slows" aging.

Now, this is good news and everything, but I want to admonish readers not to take it too far. These studies are released at a rate of something like 10 a day and are paid for by vested interests, so none of them can be trusted anymore. They don't even really bother to hide that fact any longer, and a study that "proves" the exact opposite of this one's is only a week away.

That being said, I truly believe that the vitamins and minerals which should be present in all our bodies plays a far greater role on literally everything than we have been lead to believe up to now. The pharmaceutical companies would have you think that all of your flaws and "deficiencies" can only be effectively corrected through manufactured, prescription medications, but I have always said this is not the case. This study at least confirms that certain vitamins appear to have a greater effect on aspects of our lives that we may not even have considered before.

The original article can be found here on the BBC.

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