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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sub-Domain on the Brain


Okay, okay. Give me a few more hours or one more day. I got sidetracked after Supernatural with trying to figure out how to add a sub-domain so each blog can exist on its own "domain." For instance, "oddblog.theweirding.net," instead of the current path.

In general, the way we have it now is fine, but it looks better on its own sub-domain, not to mention boosts Google PR, as it looks to the search engines as though each blog exists on its own domain. Technically, they all exist on The Weirding domain, just as they do now, but a sub-domain is preferable to a simple directory.

The next topic I am bringing you is on the Old Stone Mill, one of the most mysterious structures in America. I just got in the middle of this project and am awaiting a response from the host, so if everything goes through quickly enough, I'll go on and rush that right out to ya. Otherwise, it will be late tonight or tomorrow.

Fascinating story, though.

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