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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Your Friendly Neighborhood... Second-Story Man?

Now this one's really, really old but part of the delay is in that I wasn't sure on which blog to post it then it just got lost in the shuffle. But I thought it was interesting enough to include somewhere, and given that the big Spider-Man movie hoopla is over and done with, this seems the most logical choice:

Researchers have announced that a wall-clinging suit is very feasible in the near-future. The kinds of suits that not only Spidey wears but that you often see in TV and movie programs - where the wearer dons a skin-tight, often back costume that allows the to scale sheer surfaces. He may even be able to dangle upside down from rooftops and ceilings!

While this sort of behavior is natural to some animals, many dissenters argue that this may not be the case for larger-sized humans, but the possibility does exist.

Regardless as to whether the idea proves fruitful, research into the costume is going through for now.

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