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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ancient Reptilian Evidence Changes History

Researchers believe the oldest evidence for reptiles was found this past October in Canada. The 315 million-year-old tracks were found in the sea cliffs at New Brunswick by UK scientist, Dr. Howard Falcon-Lang, who called the discovery "pure luck."

The fossils suggest that reptiles first left the water and walked on land at least one to three million years earlier than previously thought. If this is true, the implications are staggering across all fields of science and philosophy.

While they cannot be sure, there were only a handful of reptiles around the time that could have left the footprints, and they think it was the Hylonomus lyelli.

Before the discovery, the oldest evidence for reptiles was thought to be skeletal fossils of the Hylonomus lyelli, found in the 19th-Century.

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