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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Devil Done Left Town

Citizens of Reeves, LA are being allowed to change their area code prefix from 666 to 749, if they so choose. The number, 666, is traditionally associated with the Devil, a being from Judaeo-Christian mythology thought to be the arch-nemesis of God. In actuality, the number and passage from which this superstition is derived refers to none other than one Julius Caesar, whose full name consisted of six letters in each (6, 6, and 6 = "for it is a human number"). But even this is arguable.

The mayor, Scott Walker, called the phone company's decision to grant citizens a three-month window allowing them to voluntarily change their number "divine intervention" and called the unfortunate mathematics "a stigma."

Some scholars claim to have found documents listing the "number of the beast" as both 616 and 665. Using the Jewish system of Gematria, the number can be be translated to mean either Nero or Diocletian, both of whom put great numbers of Christians to death during their respective reigns.

The irrational fear of the number, 666, is termed hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.

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