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Monday, January 7, 2008

Circumcision to Combat HIV

Several studies suggest that circumcision may help reduce the risk of contracting the HIV virus but, apparently, many uncircumcised men fear the procedure because they believe it will reduce their sexual satisfaction and/or performance.   I was only recently made aware of this belief and have no idea where this idea comes from.

However, over 5000 Ugandan men volunteered for a study in which half of them underwent the procedure and the two groups rated their sexual satisfaction and performance.  According to this research, there is no significant difference in satisfaction and/or performance between circumcised and uncircumcised men.

While this is very good news, as it may lead more men to undergo the procedure and hopefully reduce the risk of spreading the HIV virus, it's important to note that circumcision is not a 100% effective prevention practice.  Condoms remain the best way to avoid spreading the virus which can lead to full-blown AIDS.

A combination of the two methods, while still not 100% effective, may be the safest way for men to avoid the HIV virus.

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