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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Murder Victims Posed in Crucifixion

Steve Wright, the man on trial for the Ipswich prostitution murders in the UK, is said to have posed his victims' corpses in the manner of a crucifix. All five victims were prostitutes who strolled to support drug habits; all five were found to have asphyxiated while under the influence of hard drugs; and all five were found to have been posed, but the prosecution said only two of them were posed in a crucifixion manner, with their arms outstretched.

It is not unusual for serial murderers to pose the corpses of their victims; this is one of the things that serial killers actually do on a frequent basis. Movie depictions often focus on truly grisly (grislier) things, such as dancing with the corpses or making things from their dead flesh, but these activities are pretty rare. Sex with the corpses is not exactly rare, but still rarer than in the Hollywood version of the killers. However, both the habit of posing the bodies and revisiting the scene of the crime and/or the body itself are fairly common practices amongst serial killers.

Another Hollywood myth surrounding serial murderers is that they are all geniuses; most serial killers are closer to mental retardation on the IQ scale.

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