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Friday, January 18, 2008

Still Working on Tech Difficulties

Just checking in with you guys to let you know I am still trying to fix the RSS feed problem(s). I changed some settings yesterday and want to give it until at least tonight or tomorrow before I change it again, because these things sometimes take as much as 24-78 hours to "click."

I used to subscribe through Live Bookmarks in my Firefox browser, but it not only cluttered my bookmarks (which I seriously have to prune one of these days, soon!), I just never got around to reading all the blogs I have bookmarked. I had mine bookmarked so I could check out posts and make sure they went through okay, but I rarely did that, either. I sincerely suggest getting an aggregate reader of some kind. I use Bloglines and My Yahoo! but there are scores of them available.

This one in particular got deleted a while back when it quit updating and then wouldn't let me reinstate it with the proper name. I simply changed the name and it seemed to "take," but maybe it didn't. Also, I moved it to its own sub-domain recently, and (again) even though it appeared to go through just fine, it obviously hit some sort of snag somewhere.

The FavIcon is not showing up in my Bloglines and even though it correctly states that it has been updated recently, it does not show me anything after September 24th. This is definitely a top priority but, again, I have to wait like 24-48 hours between changes to see if the changes worked, so please bear with me.

Very sorry for this and I am working on it.

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