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Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's been a pretty good day so far, huh? And I still haven't talked about Destination Truth or Ghost Hunters (well, I missed GH last night)! There's still more to come, but I need to take a few moments to straighten some things up.

If you follow the other blogs, you know I finally unrolled the new layout for The Rundown last night, though I hit a few snags along the way. I had every intention of getting back here for a few more posts, but had to handle that immediately. That happens quite often, actually.

As you know, and I have said many times before, there usually isn't a whole lot of "breaking" news on the paranormal and Supernatural front. While I have tons of books and materials on these subjects, and have formed a lot of theories with which I can regale y'all tirelessly, I have expanded the theme a few times over since I started. But even including odd/weird news and general science/religion, there's nowhere near the amount of news as there is for the entertainment industry. Plus, we get a lot of press releases from a lot of companies over to The Rundown, and those are timely. Not to mention that my local library is completely bereft of any subject matter aside from scrapbooking, cookbooks, and Christianity.

Anyway, you might get a little churn here as I run through the tags, but I'm mainly working on the design and appearance, so you might not. After that, I still have an entire folderful of bookmarks to get to, so there's plenty to carry us through the weekend.

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