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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Brazilian Mummies Found

Workers searching for termites under a monastery in Brazil uncovered two natural mummies.

The mummies, found under the Roman Catholic Monastery of Light in Sao Paulo, are believed to be those of two nuns. One was found well-preserved, with its hands in the praying position. The other was riddled with termites; it is reported to be mainly just skeletal remains. The mummies were found together - one with its head on the other.

However, an expert archaeologist in the region does not believe the nuns were buried together. They were found in a wall in an area inside the monastery that was used as a cemetery between 1774 and 1822. He believes the mummified nun was buried later and her remains were somehow pushed on top of the other. There is no evidence that either were intentionally mummified.

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