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Friday, May 30, 2008

Marine Removed for Proselytizing

Drove Moneylenders from the Temple
Drove Moneylenders from the Temple
A US marine has been removed from active duty in Iraq for distributing coins inscribed with Biblical passages, written in Arabic.

Residents began complaining that the coins were being distributed at a checkpoint. Investigators found coins with Biblical passages inscribed in Arabic on both sides. The marine was promptly removed, as marines are barred from proselytizing.

This incident comes a week after another marine was similarly dismissed for shooting holes in a version of the Koran, the ostensibly religious text Muslims rely upon to justify murder, rape, genocide, and other sins.

Think that's irresponsible reporting -- that I injected my personal opinion into the middle of a story?

Well, the incident led to a 1000+-man protest which resulted in at least three deaths... 
UPDATE:  At the time of this writing I, like most American civilians, was entirely unaware of just how far military contractors go to ensure job security; without such division -- be it of a religious, racial, political, or other nature -- said marine wouldn't have a job, and neither would the War Profiteers known as "contractors" that offer everyday necessities in war-torn areas, such as laundry services, cafeterias, and (of course) murder. 

One of the most famous of these War Profiteering contractors is Blackwater, a division of Academi, which includes Raytheon and (possibly) TigerSwan.  The name, Academi, is ironic on the surface, given that Prince's sister, Betsy DeVos, was appointed to the position of Secretary of Education under President, and former reality TV show host, Donald Trump.  This name game is colloquially referred to as "Disclosure" in the circles in which pieces of shit like these run (Zone 1), although it's real legal definition is Sedition (under Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 115 › § 2384). 

It is in their own self interest that such entities commit War Crimes -- but their personal lack of morals, ethics, and religious values should never be discounted, as many active service members are actually pressed into service following criminal convictions. 

An overwhelming number of these "contractors" hail from the Eastern Seaboard -- particularly South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida.  

And Texas.  (2018)

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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