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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grigory Gabovoy Convicted

Self-proclaimed Russian psychic, Grigory Gabovoy, was convicted of fraud last week and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Gabovoy claimed a number of things, including the ability to teleport, levitate, change the length of his limbs, cure AIDS and other diseases, and raise the dead. He offered to raise the children who died in the Beslan school tragedy -- if paid a large sum of money. This became his MO in later years, as he preyed on surviving relatives of the dead, according to prosecutors.

He was found guilty on 11 separate counts of fraud, including one in which he told a woman he could resurrect her dead children. In all cases, Gabovoy accepted money from the despondent relatives in exchange for his "services" -- services that were never rendered. While Gabovoy did meet with mothers of the children killed in the Beslan terrorist siege and supposedly requested money, none of the cases were tied to that.

Dozens of supporters clamored on the courthouse steps and professed their belief in the self-proclaimed prophet who has said he is the second advent of Christ. At the height of his popularity, Gabovoy drew hundreds.

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