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Friday, July 18, 2008

MoD Keeps Losing Files

The Ministry of Defense admitted to having "lost" more than 100 USB memory cards since 2004, some of which contained files classified as "secret."

Further, they said something like 650 laptops have disappeared, as well. Many of their laptops were not encrypted at the time -- actually, just this year, they have recalled over 20,000 laptops to encrypt them. Those that were incapable of being encrypted were removed from service.

Some of the information that has been lost includes:

  • The personal details of 25 million people, collected by the IRS
  • Files on counter-terrorism, which were left on a train
  • A laptop containing 600k peoples' personal information
Liberal Democrat MP, Sarah Teather, said, "This shows a shocking degree of incompetence."

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