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Monday, August 4, 2008


I did not want a credit card again - why would I want to pay someone to let me pay them? But until eBillme came along, I had no choice. Of all the online shopping sites out there, absolutely none of them take cash - until now.

With eBillme, you simply check out as normal and choose it as your payment option. After that, go to your online banking account and pay eBillme like you do any other bill! That's it! eBillme handles the order as though it were a credit card, gift certificate, or other pre-authorized payment option, and you end up paying cash for your online purchases.

No need for a credit card, no need to enter your personal banking information online - you pay eBillme and eBillme pays them. And it could not be easier than that.

eBillme is available on many sites, including Tiger Direct, Buy.com, and more. It basically allows you to pay by check, even at places that do not accept personal checks. Throw away the credit cards and quit paying finance charges today!