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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jura Capresso

There are a lot of fads I missed over the years. I never heard a Backstreet Boys song (or 98 Degrees, for that matter), I had never heard a Britney Spears song until about a year ago, and I never got into the whole coffee thing. I love coffee - love it - and drink plenty each and every day, but when the whole Seattle grunge thing took the country by storm and everyone started drinking every flavor of coffee imaginable, as well as espresso, cappuccino, and so on and so forth, I stuck to plain old Maxwell House.

Nowadays though, I find the regular cup o' joe just isn't enough. I am thinking of getting one of them-there new-fangled espresso machines. Jura capresso has been around since 1994. They are fully-automated espresso/cappuccino makers that work at the touch of a button. They grind, measure, brew, serve, and clean up in under a minute! Of course, these are for retail outlets, not your general home kitchen... unless you can afford one.