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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Man Killed by Own Truck

An Indiana man was killed by his own truck.  While police are not saying whether the truck was in park or not, nor what else could have made the vehicle move of its own accord, 78-year old Bradley Tate was airlifted to a nearby hospital where he died.

Tate had parked his truck across the street to check his mail.  The truck somehow became mobile, striking him.  He tried to stop it, but it rolled over him, dragging him 15' before coming to a stop in a field.

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  1. FYI: The wonderful man whom you speak of is my uncle. In searching for things to say at his viewing/wake tonight, I decided to Google his name just to find just what else might be out there about him. In doing so I came accross this website and thought that you might be interested in knowing that the "unknown to you" person that was killed so "oddly" was a kind hearted Christian man who would have done anything to help others. The accident wasn't so "Odd", it just wasn't told in detail. The truck's transmission was known to act up at times and the week before, he even told his daughter that she couldn't borrow it because it wasn't always safe. You couldn't always tell if you were in "park", "reverse" or "neutral". After he returned home from helping someone clean there office (so like Uncle Brad to always be helping others), he turned into the drive way and put it into park (or he thought he did) to get the mail. It is a case of older truck now working correctly, just as it has done many times. I write this comment not because I find it important to "correct" you in your "odd blog" posting, but to make this man not just a name but a real person who will be missed terribly. He was in the military and bravely fought for his country, he supported missionaries from all around the world, he had a personal relationship with our Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ and most of all he would want each and everyone who read this to understand that there will be a day when we all will have to answer whether we understand that we have ever sinned, and even just one sin is enough to keep us from spending eternity with the God in heaven. God sent a way for us to be forgiven of our sins and be able to be saved from an eternity in hell: Jesus His Son. Thank you for posting this as a memorial to Uncle Brad. He was a great man.

  2. We are sorry for your loss and, as you pointed out, the story was not reported in much detail. A lot of reporting these days is intentionally lurid; obviously, had the full story been told, it wouldn't have been much of a story.

    However, we are interested in collecting stories of the odd and unexplained and anything that can help us explain-away these things is welcome.

    Again, we are sorry for your family's loss and wish you the best in your trying times. Thanks for writing!

  3. To Anonymous: Thank you for writing such a wonderful tribute to Uncle Brad. Everyone who knew him loved and respected him. The accident was sudden and tragic but God's plan was in place. He needed Uncle Brad more than we did. Thanks again for taking the time to let the world know our uncle. "We still pretty, aren't we Uncle Brad?" Love, Jacki