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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The X Contest

Do you know much about XML? I am not a programmer, though I have played around a bit throughout the years. In fact, back in Windows 3.11, I coded some programs which allowed me to move groups of files from the command line (as opposed to moving them individually), but that was no real feat of programming; basically, it was a batch file compiled into an executive. From what I can fathom of XML, it is an entire... engine, for lack. Honestly, I'm a bit lost and nothing I have found explains it clearly.

Of course, those who know about it have no problem understanding all the concepts and terms involved, so instead of embarrassing myself with my lack of knowledge, how about I just explain to you what the IDUG contest is:

IDUG is sponsoring a contest for all levels of mastery - from the simple, armchair hobbyist to professionals - to increase both awareness of, and familiarity with, XQuery, XML and DB2. There are several ways to enter.

You can make a video, which is judged monthly by the community. You can also do the same with a gadget or widget (also monthly). Port an application into one of the languages (are they languages? platforms?) - the winners of this are determined by a panel of judges. You can also develop an app under one of the languages - also judged by panel. And finally, you can answer a series of questions by developing queries in Xquery - the prizes get bigger as the queries get harder.

Again, I am not a programmer, but I wouldn't mind learning more about things like this - if only I had the time. This definitely sounds like a fun and easy way to get recognized for your talent, as well as hone your skills - and get prizes for doing so! SO if you happen to know a thing or two about XML, Xquery, or DB2, make sure to follow the link and find out more today! If you enter, let us know - and let us know how you do! Good luck!