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Monday, March 16, 2009

Man Survives Niagara Fall

An unidentified man was taken to the hospital over the weekend after rescue workers pulled him from the icy waters beneath Horseshoe Falls, one of the three waterfalls which make up Niagara Falls. Witnesses say the naked man scaled a wall before leaping over the falls.

When rescue workers appeared, the man swam away from them. One worker said, "I thought he was an idiot..." But workers did not realize he had gone over the falls. A police helicopter was called in. It used the force of its blades to blow him closer to shore, where he was finally pulled from the waters. He was conscious but unable to speak.

The man is suffering from hypothermia and a serious head wound and is listed in critical condition.

Few survive going over any of the three Niagara Falls, though so many tried that officials finally made it illegal. They have not said whether or not the man will be charged.

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