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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catholic Church Considering Miracle for Pope John Paul II's Beatification

"I stand before you today and can say, to my mind, Jory is a miracle," Father Art Snedeker told a press conference the other day.  He was talking about Jory Aebly, who sustained a point-blank bullet wound to the head, "execution-style," during a mugging and has made a near-complete recovery.  Aebly and his family, along with Father Snedeker, attribute the miraculous healing to a rosary blessed by Pope John Paul II.

For absolutely no good reason, many Catholics have vied for Pope John Paul II's canonization.  For this to happen, at least two miracles attributed to him have to be documented and verified by the Catholic Church.  So far, the Church has found none, but some are saying Aebly's recovery may be the first.

But one commenter on the ABC news site pointed-out that:
The fact that Pope John Paul II presided over the Catholic Church during its dirtiest scandal since indulgences [sic] (i.e. the pedophile priest sex scandals) and did nothing to stop it really diminishes anything else this man might have done in his lifetime. I wouldn't call that " living a life of heroic virtue."
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  1. I am Pope John Paul 11's miracle. I have heard a novel entitled Ten Men and a Road that brings phenomenology to be understood as method to argument that it is train thought. Instead, it looks at what we are and how we change and what God intends. Past all else we are God, too, in that we become a part of Him in eternal blessing given of this book to make all see we are divine and further, will help all sciences become better people that reach for helping rather than what good money could be made when prescribing so much drugs or medical help being as they are today with no morals. It, further, will help all scientists see what we can be when God intervenes with science beign given divine or here, of phenomenology and what we hear divine of it being studied.
    This novel brings the reader to a letter I wanted to get Pope before he died and brings forth this coordinate that was seen in dream not three weeks after Sept 11 that was Bin Laden yet he, or the Tribunal of Paterson Dioceses, NJ still has no idea of this study of ten years and what was written because they had not read anything and ask if anyone coudl help in getting this book to Rome to give Pope. I woudl be indebted, as with President O' Bama with this coordinate dreamt. It is written about by our Pope in the end of Ten Men, too, to verify. It is
    41.47N 20.34. In the poem Emmaus heard one Sunday after Divine Mercy Sunday the year he died he asked to be called Blessed and Great and none believed me. I am workign on another entitled In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen. I am at Saint Clairsville, Ohio. It will serve well that he wants phenomenlogy raised of all sciences. Susan Mellott Dolan