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Monday, April 13, 2009

Yemen Tribsemen Release Dutch Couple

While traveling in the city of Sanaa, a Dutch couple was seized by Yemen tribesmen and forcibly removed from the urban area.  They were relocated to a mountainous region nearby.  There, they say the tribesmen treated them well, offering them food, drink, and tea.  In fact, the husband was shown on TV, pleading with the Dutch government not to use military force to free them.  They were held for nearly two weeks; they were kidnapped on March 31st.

Yemen tribesmen are known to kidnap unsuspecting victims.  They use them as bargaining chips when dealing with the controlling government.  The Dutch couple (Jan Hoogendoorn and his wife Heleen Janszen, 54 and 49, respectively) were kidnapped in retaliation for the wounding of six tribesmen by Yemen police last year.  The tribe was hoping to use them as bargaining chips for compensation.

The couple was said to be in good condition and on their way back to Sanaa.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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