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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coincidence or Fate?: Woman Misses 447, Dies in Car Crash

History is filled with what we usually call "coincidence."  These seemingly chance happenings so defy the normal pattern that they stand out as unusual.  Some people dismiss them as nothing more than that: Chance occurrences; others say such events actually prove a larger force(s) at play.  No matter what you make of it, certain freakish events fire the imagination.  This new series will examine several of these accounts, such as the following:

Johanna Ganthalter and her husband were vacationing in Brazil in 2007, and were booked to leave on France Flight 447, but missed it by minutes.  The Ganthalters took a flight out of Rio the next day.  Johanna Ganthalter lost her life when the couple's car veered across a road and into an oncoming truck.  Her husband was seriously injured.

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