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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saudi Family Sues Genie

A Saudi family has taken a genie to court, citing theft and harassment over the last two years.  Some say this case is being taken more seriously because every person in the family alleges the genie's existence and testifies to the theft and harassment.  A local charity has moved the family to a temporary residence while an investigation is conducted.

The family says they were first made aware of the djinn's existence two years ago, when they began hearing strange noises.  While they dismissed them at first, the events became more boisterous and impossible to overlook.  The family alleges threatening voicemails, theft of their cellphones, even assaults by rocks!

Many Saudis believe jinns, djinn, or genie exist and are even capable of daemonic possession.  The belief is prevalent in the Islamic religion, as the creatures are even mentioned in the Quran.  Djinn are Elementals.

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