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Friday, September 4, 2009

Mermaid Medical Association Set to Sue Kiryat Yam

A few weeks ago, we brought you the story of Kiryat Yam; the municipality is offering approximately $1 million to anyone who can "prove" the existence of a mermaid in the area, which eyewitnesses have been reporting for several months now.

On August 24th, the municipality received a letter from a Brooklyn, NY organization calling itself the Mermaid Medical Association. The Association threatened to appeal to the International Court of Justice in Holland if Kiryat Yam does not rescind the $1 million offer within 10 days.

[The $1 million offer] badly and outrageously damages the legendary mermaid legacy.

- The Mermaid Medical Assoc.

Kiryat Yam officials said they were "shocked" by the letter and restated they are not encouraging people to hunt the mermaid, but to simply collect evidence of its existence. The offer states a photograph of the creature will suffice.

A spokesperson said Kiryat Yam intends to appeal to the Mermaid Medical Assoc. and ask them to get involved to help prove the mermaid's existence.

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