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Friday, October 16, 2009

Thorpe Park Haunting - Publicity Stunt?

The new Saw - The Movie thrill ride opened at Thorpe Park theme park in Surrey this March. The rollercoaster cost about $25 million to build and gets up to 55mph. But the priest wandering around in front of it this week with a Bible in one hand wasn't part of the ride; that was Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe, one of the UK's leading paranormal authorities. The Reverend was called-in after theme park owners said they'd begun receiving complaints from attendees and staff members had reported strange goings-on, as well.

According to Thorpe Park staff, guests and worker complained of a severe drop in temperature when entering the ride building. Lights were said to have gone on and off of their own accord, and even the special effects reportedly started a time or two after being shutdown. Managers investigated and claimed to have learned that some staffmembers held a small seance in the ride's building, using a Ouija board.

Thorpe Park officials said the Ouija board users had been reprimanded and called-in Rev. Fanthorpe to investigate. Rev. Fanthorpe was authorized to carry-out an exorcism, should his investigation prove any infestation.

Luckily, Thorpe Park spokespeople were sure to point-out, Saw - The Ride hasn't been closed and will definitely be open for the Halloween "Fright Nights" special, going on all this month. 

Oh, and Saw VI also happens to open next Friday.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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  1. 'Ghosts' as our real Spirit - or Soul passing 'over' are real - our Soul is electric phenomena - and moves to new reality after Death experience. From signs and Dreams sent - I believe that the Spirit of DIANA is appearing at Thorpe Park - Storm Surge. She spent one of the happiest days of her las life experience AT Thorpe Park on the Water Slide with her beloved Children - so, that Memory would still be 'alive' in her own Memory - which, although Happy - would have a thread of sadness because it is a moment which will not be real again in that context - so people can pick that up - and because this phenomena is still not properly understood - it scares some people - or makes them feel earey. If we can learn to embrace Spirits who revisit moments they knew - we would not get upset or scared. The Monk - as Headless - is a symbol of Divinity and a Holy moment. - as a Spiritual encounter - too many truly Spiritual and Holy Souls lost their lives throughout the History of Earth up to now. So, Spirits are SHARING moments they knew - also to remind us of the life-cycle phenomena - not reappearing to HAUNT us. Eve Guevara-Sansom