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Friday, January 29, 2010

Zelda Rubinstein's Psychic Connection with Death

I almost hate to post this because I know how it sounds to skeptics - even some believers - but regular readers know I don't lie or exaggerate claims like these, and it's really no earth-shattering thing, so take it for what it's worth:

Zelda Rubinstein, best known for her work as the psychic investigator in the Poltergeist franchise, died this Wednesday, January 27, at 76. In her IMdB biography, a story is related concerning the death of her mother, which happened while she was at a photo shoot for Poltergeist III. According to the story, Rubinstein "bolted" in-place at one point. It was extreme enough that the director noticed it and asked her what was wrong, to which the actress replied, "...it was just a jolt. I'm fine."

A few minutes later, someone informed the director, Gary Sherman, that Zelda Rubinstein was to be released from the set, as her mother had just died. Once the shots were developed, all came out fine except for one, in which "an inexplicable cloud of light" curled-in from the left, obscuring the actress in a "semi-transparent haze." Later, Rubinstein said she knew the incident had been the passing of her mother, and likened their relationship to that of "identical twins," who are often said to possess a psychic bond. Sherman had to agree.

The Poltergeist series is popularly said to be cursed.

But this is where it gets weird:

I had planned to post her obituary on The Rundown (see link above) almost two weeks before it happened!

I had surgery on January 5th and was still heavily-medicated at this time, so I was definitely in an altered-state of consciousness, but certainly was not actively trying to predict the future, telepathically connect with anyone, or anything like that. However, I came across news of her death somewhere online and made a note to report it - in fact, I made several notes to report it before Rubinstein actually died, as I kept forgetting! Over a week ago, I watched one of her last films, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, and made yet another note to write her obituary!

Zelda Rubinstein died the day before yesterday!

Zelda Rubinstein had been hospitalized for a few months prior to her death. It is very, very possible that some website incorrectly reported her death, and that is what I honestly believe happened because I really did read her obituary almost two weeks before she died, even if it was in a dream or some half-assed "hallucination" brought upon by medication. However, the very fact that seeing her in that movie several days later reminded me of her passing proves that this was at least a full week before she actually died!

Though I do not completely discount the notion that Zelda Rubinstein may have had some sort of psychic connection with death or that I might very well have suffered some sort of Psi-related event while in an altered-state of consciousness (drugged).

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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