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Friday, May 22, 2015

Accuracy and Veracity

For what it's worth, we strive to make a distinction between "real" (hard, or solid) evidence and hoaxes, mistakes, and the like. However, we are not accredited scientists, we do not have physical access to any of this "evidence," nor can we speak directly to any eyewitnesses. While we have shared a handful of stories from others that we picked up along the way, as well as personal accounts, that's as close as we can get. In a very real manner, we are yet another spoke on that incestuous wheel, quoting and sharing stories from other published accounts.

All we can do is follow proper procedure, which means finding a second source to "confirm" the first one. The problem is that, in this never-ending echo chamber, many of those sources got their information from the same place. It's a problem and we understand it, there simply is nothing we can do about it.

So please do not dismiss us as hogwash just because we publish a story that later turns out not to be true. We do our best to distinguish between real and false stories but we are at a definite disadvantage. Mostly, we share stories that interest us and we hope you will find interesting, even if they are not entirely truthful. We also do our best to weed-out the latter or at least admit when we are uncertain of the veracity of a story or claim.

Sometimes, our posts are purely speculative - as is a lot of "paranormal research" - and shared simply because we enjoy this field and that kind of thinking. Again, it is only speculative and not meant to be taken at face value.

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