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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Be Cautious and Cookies Warning

I don't know how else to get this message through, as I can only assume that if you're reading this, you may have already been infected or tracked by malicious code. I'm not even certain that either of those issues is what is plaguing my system, thanks to Dell and Office Depot (from which I purchased this overpriced laptop that has yet to perform correctly or be replaced with a unit which does), but we are still experiencing technical issues that may or may not be affecting others.

It may have to do with incompatibility issues regarding Windows 10 and older, or other, OS; it may be malicious or simply bad coding on any of the blogs, social network profiles, and/or the website itself; it may be limited to my home network or a wifi hotspot I've connected to anywhere along the way; again, whatever is happening is far above my paygrade and technical expertise, so I can only issue this (hopefully timely) warning to anyone reading this.

WE DO NOT OWN NOR DO WE USE THEWEIRDING.COM -- nor have we been able to determine who does.

Blogger issued some kind of notice a while back saying that we needed to let you know that cookies are tracking you when you visit our blogs, but it was handily-worded so as t imply that the issue had already been resolved by Google itself... then it suddenly reformed into Alphabet and I no longer see said warning. Either way, I didn't understand what it was saying, as it was poorly-worded and smacked of fearmongering. Either way, it goes without saying that they'll find a way to disavow themselves of all knowledge regarding any issues that arise from using their services ("Hey, it's free; what did you expect for free?").

[ASIDE: Personally, I feel their logo should include those three monkeys with their hands over their eyes, ears, and mouth, but that's me. And, again, it may not even have anything to do with Blogger or Google, and may not be as widespread as I fear.]

We are still here, and still trying to make sure we can bring you "verifiable" weird news and odd bits as we find them -- without causing security or computer health issues -- but we can only do so much, especially when we aren't even sure what the problem is, nor whom it affects, or how. We have caught malicious coding on the blogs and site in the past and worked to clear them up as soon as we were made aware of them, but that's really as much as we can do.

We hope you enjoy the site and the blogs, and hope you do not encounter anything that harms your systems. These were always meant to be places where we were able to come together and discuss common interests, not scammy ad sites or opportunistic, fly-by-night ventures. We provide ads, including occasional sponsored posts, to offset operating costs and man-hours worked, as we are not paid for any of this. If these ads are deemed offensive or somehow illegal in certain locales, we've little or no control over that -- we've little to no control at all over which ads are shown, much less which ads are shown to specific geographical locations! The same is true of cookies and beacons, et. al. -- some of which we need to gauge performance, as Alphabet's (nee Google's) numbers are always changing and often incorrect.

We've encountered good and bad people along the way on every side of these issues -- one woman cited our website for our 404 page because it has a single, black dot representing a nipple! Luckily, most of the people we've actually had contact with aren't that aggressive, nor that perverted.

Speaking of which, we are not at all involved in GaymerGayte nor anything surrounding it. Almost all of this content is based on research, or is wholly original content, by the author(s) listed (almost all of which is by C. Harris Lynn). Many of those who have contributed play[ed] video games, but this author only plays World of Warcraft and a handful of Steam games, and is happy to repeat that I've only encountered a handful of nasty, spiteful, and hopelessly prideful, people along the way who caused issues that largely made me lose interest in continuing playing regularly.

The blogs and the site, including the social networks on which we have posted (and may or may not continue to post), are for adults only -- which is 18+ years of age in this area, but may be younger or older in your locale. This author is neither anyone's parent nor anyone's police, judge, nor jury; please enjoy responsibly!

This does not constitute a legal document nor binding agreement; this is merely another "technical issues" post. The first two Ws in "www" stand for World-Wide, and we are neither familiar with the laws in every locale, nor do we care to be. Be careful and have fun -- we use neither bots nor AI scripts, so if it seems "fishy," it probably ain't us. We do not provide a newsletter, nor ever have we, on or from any site we own and operate.

© The Weirding, 2016

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