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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Non-Terrestrial Officers

Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon
According to Gary McKinnon, a Scottish IT specialist who hacked US security in the early 2000s, the United States has an army of "Non-Terrestrial Officers" not based on Earth.  Gary McKinnon was indicted for hacking the US government in 2002, facing up to 70 years in a US prison and as much as US$2mn in fines.

McKinnon claims he saw logs detailing ship-to-ship transfers of a "space army" called Non-Terrestrial Officers in internal memos.  He says Building 8 at Johnson Space Center is where NASA regularly airbrushes-out UFOs from images it releases to the public.  McKinnon also claims he saw low-resolution images of cigar-shaped spacecraft without rivets or seams that were clearly "not man-made."  The information he uncovered has been tied to the alleged existence of a US military space program known as "Solar Warden," started in the 1980s.  Neither McKinnon's case, nor the information he claims to have uncovered, drew as much media attention as one would imagine, being largely forgotten today.

Gary McKinnon hacked into numerous US security agencies often tied to UFOlogy and conspiracy theories, including NASA; DARPA; the Army Military District in Washington, DC; and others.  His claims confirmed beliefs regarding the US military's space program that many have held for years, but otherwise fell on deaf ears.  Gary McKinnon's extradition to the United States was blocked in 2012.

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