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Monday, September 25, 2017

Momo the Missouri Monster

Momo the Missouri Monster is largely a footnote in the annals of cryptozoology, having only two reports from early 1970 to its credit. Momo is described as "half ape, half man," covered in black fur, with glowing, orange eyes.

True to many Sasquatch, Momo -- MO for Missouri, MO for monster -- was reported to have been taller than man, reek of an awful odor, and scare dogs. In July, 1971, two women claimed Momo made bizarre noises as they passed it on Highway 79. Other reports say the women were picnicking when Momo accosted them, then ate a peanut butter sandwich when they fled to the safety of their car.

Police did not notify the public about the women's sighting until 1972, when a report of a giant, hairy beast carrying a dead dog surfaced. A nearby farmer said he had heard growling noises near his home, and that his new dog was missing. Sightings in the area continued for a few weeks, and tracks were discovered. Casts of the tracks were sent to Lawrence Curtis at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden.

He concluded that the tracks were fake.

No credible Momo sightings have been reported since, though some sources indicate Momo has been spotted up and down the Mississippi River, and there is even a short documentary.

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