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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Zika Virus Conspiracy ft. Rick Scott and Mosquito Control Services, LLC

Media Lies
Media Lies
In 2016, the US media conglomerate began hyping the Zika Virus Hoax.  As if on queue, the Zika virus invaded Florida!  Luckily, they had a plan in place: Florida Governor, Rick Scott's, wife's company, Mosquito Control Services, LLC, would spray the state for a cool $27mn

(The US media failed to mention that Scott's wife was invested in the Louisiana-based Mosquito Control Services, LLC.)

It also failed to mention that the Scotts were the very ones who released the virus throughout the state, using USC570 to spray genetically-modified pathogens developed at universities funded by Monsanto, all of which were also heavily invested in the Zika Virus Hoax.  That it kills bees was also omitted from their "real news" coverage. 

Also excluded from the media syndicate's "coverage" of the incident is the fact that Governor Scott had cut funding for mosquito spraying just prior to the alleged Zika Virus outbreak, thus setting the stage for the alleged (yet unproven) pandemic which allegedly gripped the state... until Mosquito Control Services, LLC came to their rescue.

Now, when we say that the Zika virus outbreak was a "hoax," let's be clear:

They absolutely, intentionally -- and with malice aforethought -- poisoned millions of civilians with a modified form of the Zika virus, then sprayed banned pesticides to combat the problem they created.  The "hoax" is that any of this was a natural occurrence, and that absolutely anyone was doing anything to stop it.

In fact, this plan started years earlier, when genetically-modified mosquitoes were released in Brazil to "stop" the Zika virus... which affects few people, and has relatively mild effects.  Oh!  An outbreak in Brazil also coincided with the media conglomerate's "coverage." 

The US media cartel then incited political strife throughout the populations on two continents by claiming that the Zika virus causes microcephaly (there is no connection, and the AIPAC-backed NY Times has since destroyed evidence of their collusion -- then quickly sold-out to a new owner). 

This unproven claim led to Clinton supporters calling for the legalization of abortion in Brazil -- which is why Clinton likely claims she went along with the plot to begin with (although the Clinton Network's stretch through Louisiana to Florida is old news) -- which then led [Florida] Governor Scott's supporters to decry abortion rights worldwide.

This was an "election" year, after all, and no manufactured tragedy ever goes to waste.

Eventually, residents of the (allegedly) Jewish Mafia -controlled Florida "agreed" to release the very GM mosquitoes that spread the Zika virus across Brazil to begin with into their own backyards!  The EPA then quickly, and quietly, "legalized" the release of weaponized mosquitos in 20+ US states.

You, too, can purchase the Zika virus from The Rockefeller Foundation 1 and conspire to do ill will as you so choose.

Because that shit's "legal."
1  (YouTube removed this video to cover-up Crimes Against Humanity, thereby making itself a Collaborator - 2019)

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