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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

MOAR Mind Control - Turkey, 2006-2007

Psycho-Electro Weapon Effects
Psycho-Electro Weapon Effects
The OddBlog has published a number of articles regarding silent weaponry mind control in the US -- and will continue to do so (pending our toe-tag status) -- but this one is from the BBC regarding mind control weaponry that was likely used to commit four murders in Turkey between 2006 and 2007.

According to some Turkish officials, the suicides of four Turkish defense contracting engineers over the span of 14 months were instigated by mind control weaponry.  The claims may sound laughable on the surface, but they didn't to the squinty-eyed nerds over to England's Inspection Board of the Prime Ministry, which launched an independent investigation into the claims in 2013.

All four engineers worked for Aselsan, one of Turkey's leading military defense firms, on sensitive "friend-or-foe" recognition systems for Turkish warplanes.  Nearly a year later, the Department of Defense (DoD) declassified information on some of its telepathic mind control weaponry as part of some kind of undisclosed settlement.

The US military, including all Federal agencies and funded operatives, freely use such technology on its own citizenry with impunity.  The US military and Federal Officers (Washington, DC) are classified as foreign agencies -- and an Imminent, Hostile, and Immediate Threat (IT) to the American civilian (non-NGO, non- private sector "defense") population -- as the CIA is legally prohibited from working on US soil (that's what Extraordinary Rendition is used for), and everything they, and all other US agencies, are directly involved in currently is prosecutable as High Treason.

This is the extension of an operational military coup which began in earnest in the late 1980s with the Iran-Contra Deal, and the theft of a criminal database software known as INSLAW.  Some 40+ military personnel were strangled to death to secure this coup, which eventually lead to the invasion of Iraq.  This also entails the OK City Bombing (Operation: All Clear), 9/11 (Operation: Able Danger, Operation: Two Towers), and more.

That it is now in the hands of alleged "enemy combatants" cannot be proven, but would only be testament to either their further Treason, or abject incompetence.  That it is in the hands of streetgangs and corporate interests is, again, more proof of the same.

All UK and US/ISraeli personnel should be considered armed, dangerous, and highly volatile.  Those left alive should be imprisoned, and disallowed military legal defense... unless the entirety of the US military wishes to be held liable for Insurgency.  I am to understand that they do not.

The OddBlog will continue to disclose information regarding the widespread use of mind control technology, weaponized pathogens, and other Acts of Treason on -- and against -- American citizens by US Federal agencies, military personnel, and their allies.

From the files of tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorists.

© The Weirding, 2018

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