Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Remember when the New York Times Murdered Gary Webb?

Gary Webb
Gary Webb
Reporter, Gary Webb, discovered that the CIA created crack cocaine and unleashed it on the American black community.

So the US Intelligence Community murdered him.

In 1996, Gary Webb worked for the nefarious New York Times -- a savage front for the Mafia, known to routinely manufacture misinformation and falsify stories (now called "fake news") with impunity.  But, not unlike the NYT did with Roan Farrow's expose of Harvey Weinstein in 2016, the filthy rag refused to publish Webb's scathing expose, then tipped-off [rogue, of course - rogue] US Federal "authorities."  So, the determined and enterprising Webb turned to the relatively "new" and burgeoning Internet to release his expose.

The New York Times - one of the most dangerous methods of lining a birdcage - worked overtime on a campaign to not only discredit Webb, but threaten and mock him -- and countless Mafia/US government -tied periodicals joined the fray.

Soon thereafter, Gary Webb was dead of a "suicide..."

With not one, but two, bullets in his head.

Concurrently, over 40 members of the US military were strangled to death.  Their murders have never been solved.  Crack cocaine contributed to the deaths of countless Americans, both in and out of the black community, before spreading across the world like a virus.

Yet, even after Webb's murder, the NYT refused to relent.

While some insist, even to this day, that the hands of news editors are tied by governmental agencies, the NYT disproved such baseless conspiracy theories when it refused to print Farrow's expose on Harvey Weinstein just a few years back.  Weinstein is a known, and longtime, member of the Clinton Foundation's far-reaching, criminal empire -- as well as a major donor to the Democratic National Committee, the political arm of the aforementioned.

Such organizations are known as "Emperors."  The Clinton Global Initiative is known as an "Overlord."  Like the CIA, these syndicates answer to no known authority -- including murder victim, Gary Webb, the US Senate, or the New York Times.

When all is said and done, the New York Times may not have directly drilled journalist, Gary Webb... but it sure wanted him dead.

And it helped make that happen.

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