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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dr. Zippermeyer's Windkanone

Dr. Zippermeyer's WWII Windkanone, or Whirlwind Cannon, was meant to be used as an anti-aircraft device, but failed to work at high altitudes for unreported, or unknown, reasons.

The Whirlwind Cannon generates explosions in the combustion chamber, then directs the force through the oddly designed nozzle, apparently (judging from the name) creating whirlwinds.

Smaller models reportedly worked well against wooden planks at short ranges, but only the larger model Windkanone was found on the Artillery Proving Ground at Hillersleben in April, 1945.  Dr. Zippermeyer's Whirlwind Cannon, at least the bulk of it, had been left to rust after development was abandoned.

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