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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

US Patent 2,949,550 - T Townsend Brown's Electrokinetic Apparatus

US2949550 - T Townsend Brown's Electrokinetic Apparatus
Thomas Townsend Brown, better known as T. Townsend Brown, filed to patent his Electrokinetic Apparatus in 1957.  Patent US2,949,550 was granted in 1960.  Brown's saucer-shaped Electrokinetic Apparatus was an anti-gravity device containing no moving parts which was capable of amazing speeds.

In 1963, a corporation named Raytheon -- best known for its multitudinous War Crimes -- patented a similar device (US3114517A).

Brown held several patents related to energy and gravity, and worked on a number of US military projects throughout his lifetime, mostly as a consultant.

Thomas Townsend Brown died in 1985.

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