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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fake News: Trump's 2020 Space Force Already Exists

US Air Force Space Command
The Air Force Space Command, or AFSPC, was created in 1982.  Here is a link to its website, and I doubt it cost $8bn to create.  The Fake News from the Big Six Media corporations has manufactured fake outrage for months over this non-story regarding Trump's "Space Force."

If these incompetent dullards are unable to protect us, our infrastructure, or our polling processes from Iranians, Chinese, North Koreans, and Russians, the last thing they need is more of our money to finance their perpetual failure.

Not to mention that they claim we need to give them MOAR money for our Internet infrastructure because... "climate change."  And, also, too?  "Russians" are able to cut our lights (and water) at-will because "Russians" have access to our utilities... despite the fact that the US military literally just underwent an exercise involving cutting utilities to various locales to facilitate invading securing them.  This was called, "Operation: Lights Out."

It's all the usual suspects blowing smoke up our collective skirt in order to embezzle more of our tax dollars -- including the money mandatorily confiscated from every paycheck for Medicare and Social Security -- for their never-ending War Machine and Defense Contract "holes," such as the wall for the Mexican border Bush signed into law in 2007.

If the US Federal government is unwilling to provide SSI/SSA and Medicare, then we should not be forced to pay into it -- period -- nor should they be allowed to use these funds, set aside for a specific purpose, in any other way than for which they are intended.  When there is a surplus, the amount we are forced to pay in should be reduced.  This is non-negotiable; everything else is Felony Embezzlement.  Social Security is not broke, it is not going broke, and anyone who says otherwise is being paid from the very surplus SSI creates to Defraud the populace with Malice Aforethought.

And that is what is going on here: "Trump's Space Force by 2020" with an $8bn price tag already exists and was, in fact, founded under President Ronald Reagan the very year that Social Security was changed to provide for retiring Baby Boomers (1982).

We are being Terrorized and conned into paying, over and over, for the same services few of us ever receive by pieces of shit who have never worked a single day in their worthless lives -- for Social Security, for Internet and Internet infrastructure and Internet security, for Medicare, for Mexican Walls, for Space Forces, and, especially, for the never-ending National Socialist, or Nazi, War Machine.

The AFSPC, or Air Force Space Command, is sometimes referred to as Solar Warden.  Early versions of the Air Force Training Manual contained protocol for encountering aliens and UFO, which is now in the FEMA Training Manual.

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