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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Alexander Weygers' Flying Discopter

Alexander Weyger patented his Discopter in 1944 (US2377835), though he began designing a flying disc vehicle some 20 years earlier.  Although some of the materials linked to in this article heap esteem on him for his many laudable achievements, Weyger was not the first to design a flying disc vehicle, nor was he the first to patent one.

In fact, the Discopter is exactly what its name implies: A disc-shaped helicopter.  It is certainly possible that even trained airmen could have mistaken the Discopter for a classic, "flying saucer" UFO, especially at a distance.  It is also probable that some, authentic photos may be pictures of an actual Discopter in flight.

However, rotating blades make more than a slight hum (trust me) and helicopters do not leave residual traces of radiation, nor do they change color; reach speeds in excess of... well, helicopters; morph into various shapes; or exhibit any other signs of genuinely, unexplained aerial phenomena.  Besides, the Discopter was never mass produced and, even if the military had a fleet of them, you can see a helicopter's rotary blades with the naked eye, as well as in most videos and photos.

Still, Alexander Weyger's contributions to the fields of engineering and ufology, in general -- as well as many others -- are respectable.  And he, himself, quite fascinating!

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