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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Changes in the Works

As over at The Rundown, I'm working on template changes and so on here for the next few days. I'm still learning my way around the new Template system, and it's different here than for blogs published on Blogspot, which makes it even more work for me (like always), so there are bound to be some errors and mistakes along the way.

Further, I am also working on changes to The Wording and it uses WP, not Blogger, so that's really three different blogging systems I have to wrap my head around. Still, entries will continue unabated, though they are going to continue to be slow-going for the time being.

If things are hard to read or jumbled - if there are any errors on your end - please let me know. In particular, The Rundown had some kind of issue on at least one reader's end which I cannot duplicate anymore and therefore thought was fixed, but she continued to complain about it. Unfortunately, since I fixed it on my end and absolutely no one else complained about it, I have nothing to go on but to assume that it has to do with her system... which made her VERY upset, but all I can say to that is if you're so damn smart and got it all figured out already, then you ought to be able to tell me how to fix it.


UPDATE:  I'd reported on California police arresting a reporter who refused to give-up his film following one of their many instances of corruption caught on film, and the WP was immediately deleted, then corrupted.  So I moved to Blogger.  See "Google, Ltd." for more information on how that's working-out. - 2018

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