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Friday, March 23, 2007

Freshwater Concerns Plague WWF

No, not the rasslin outfit (that changed its name to WWE); the World Wildlife Foundation. They have released a report indicating as many as ten of the world's most important rivers are in danger from such diverse factors as damming, pollution, biodiversity, and over extension as water sources. Rivers include the Nile and the Rio Grande, among others.

The WWF is urging world governments to take more consideration of freshwater sources - not just as a natural resource, but as a true environmental and human concern, as well as a matter of national security! These factors have led to a "river crisis" which could have great effects on much of humanity. The report was released in advance of World Water Day (the 22nd).

Of course, this was drafted about 5 days ago, before the modem blew on my box...

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