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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Great Pyramid Explained?

Ascent of the Great Pyramid
French architect, Jean-Pierre Houdin, said the Great Pyramid was actually built from the inside out, using a corkscrew ramp some 10-15 meters beneath the outer shell -- basically a pyramid within the Great Pyramid.

Using 3D technology, he gave what was said to be an impressive display of his findings.  He teamed up with a French 3D company, Dassault Systemes, which put 14 engineers on the project for 2 years.  Many were apparently swayed by the presentation and Houdin's belief in his theory, but all agree that it is still just another theory.

If correct, Houdin believes that as few as 4000 men could have built the structure, as compared to the 100,000 previously assumed.   As far as the curse of the Pyramids, Houdin brushed it off, saying, "What could happen to me, except that Khufu would thank me?"

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