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Sunday, March 11, 2007

This is the New Home for the Old Weirding

For those of you just joining the fray, this is the rundown on the history of the whole mess:

I started the BlogCharm blog, The Weirding, several months back.  It was dedicated to the paranormal, supernatural, ufology, and all such as that.  I got up to like $11.00 on there, then they sent me an e-mail, explaining that they couldn't afford to pay anyone right now -- well, that they were looking into differences in tax laws between here and Canada, but whatever their beady little eyes and flapping heads said, it was because they didn't have the money.  I say this with authority because they then sent me a post, explaining how they had been miscalculating money, then another saying my whole $11.00 was now a whopping $1.53.

Shades o' Google AdSense!

For anyone to whom $11.00 over the course of eight months doesn't mean something, you should be aware that I had to make a concerted effort to get off my ass and find shit to blog about -- even on days when there wasn't anything, and I honestly didn't feel like fucking with it -- and I did this for more than nine months to make $11.00.  Then was told the most I had made was $1.53 -- but I wouldn't even get that until I had made at least $8.47 more!

I felt ripped-off.  Doubly so after I sent them not one, but two, "customer service tickets" over not one, but nearly two, weeks... and they finally responded with a simple, "Dear Sucker..." letter -- one I can't even reprint here for you because it is a violation of their TOS.  And I'll tell you why I'm playing their little game:

I tried to go over there and start deleting posts in order to move them over here?  Wouldn't let me.  No joke.  In other words, everything already posted over there is stuck there; I can't delete it as I wish, nor do with it what I want.

BlogCharm not only ripped my skinny, cracked, white ass off, they also usurped my original content and material!

So I moved the blog over here and I'm going to post the kind of stuff that makes people come back.  A lot.  I've been reading/researching these subjects my entire life, and have countless books I've collected over the years -- some of which have come from as far away as England, Australia, and Parts Unknown -- which delve into pretty much every aspect of the Weird and Unknown that has been tapped thus far.

And I'm going to continue to beat-up on them.  Just now and again, when I want to.

UPDATE:  They went under years ago.  I opened TheWeirding.net in 2006, and the .COM was promptly cybersquatter by some cocksucker out of China.  It has since been usurped by the DOJ working out of TX under the ISIS banner, running through Canada as Google, Ltd.  This is how those motherfuckers get around the FISA "restrictions."  And why they are an Immediate Threat (IT) to all American civilians. - 2018

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