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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Church Reverses Limbo Thinking

For years, Catholics have been taught that children are born with Original Sin and those babies who are not baptized go to Hell or exist perpetually in Limbo - a state of grace but without God. The new Pope has finally changed these teachings.

I'm not Catholic, but I've always disagreed with these sorts of guilt-ridden teachings so capitol to their beliefs. Speaking personally, if God is in fact like the one Catholicism teaches, I'm not sure I would follow Him. Catholicism teaches that He is hard and unforgiving - in short, they make Him sound rather cold, calloused, even cruel - why would you want to follow such a being?

At any rate, I completely agree with this decision. I suppose we are all born with Original Sin, but I also believe in a Father that Christ taught us about: forgiving and kind, wise and even-tempered. Sure, He can be angered and bring down His wrath upon those He deems deserving, but He is otherwise a kind of laid-back cat who understands that, as men, we mere mortals are fallible - even prone to making mistakes and Sin, in general.

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