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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fewer Leaves Led to Frogs' Decline

Now We Know What Happened to Pepe!
Now We Know What Happened to Pepe!
Scientists working in Costa Rica have come to a startling conclusion as to the decline of the frogs' species in the region after studying 35+ years' worth of data: Fewer leaves on the ground seem to be the cause.

A fungal infection was previously assumed to be the culprit, but scientists noticed that the population of lizards who were immune to the infection were also in decline.  Amphibians have declined by up to 75% since 1970, yet scientists insist there is no human cause-effect relationship -- such as the destruction of their habitat by encroaching industrial efforts.  This percentage in decline directly correlated with the decline in leaf litter on the ground, which provides the creatures with both food and shelter.

The new suspect?

Global warming.

UPDATE:  "Global Warming" or -- as we Old Folk were taught to call it --"The Greenhouse Effect," is a very real, and very direct, by-product of Industrial pollution -- specifically, fossil fuel consumption and the eradication of millions of miles of trees and foliage (especially in tropical rainforests, such as the Amazon).  The "Scientific Community" refuses to acknowledge this because they are intellectually dishonest, and corrupt to the core; they would rather soak-up "free" grant money (that we taxpayers are forced to provide to further such MISO) than stand-up to the corporate giants responsible.  The few who do often wind-up featured on this blog as dead or missing.

However, there are some (too few) within the scientific community who refuse to be terrorized into silence and submission.  They never receive "mainstream" coverage but, once again, they do receive coverage on The OddBlog.  Then they wind-up dead or missing (so we get two posts out of the deal).

Fewer leaves on the ground means fewer trees, not "Global Warming."  That's common sense -- which is why mainstream "scientists" can't seem to figure that out.  We hope they enjoy cashing the checks we (and the oil companies) provide. - 2018

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