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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Whales in Sacramento

Perhaps you've been keeping up with the plight of the stranded whales in the Sacramento River that's been going on for nearly two weeks now. It's been hard no to hear about it, as it's been plastered across all the news channels and broadcasts since it was discovered.

A mother whale and her calf swam upstream, into the river, last week and scientists and others have been working to reroute them back into the sea since then. The whales are injured, apparently from a boat's propeller, and the saltwater would be better for them. Reports are now saying the wounds are showing signs of infection. By banging on pipes and using boats, they managed to get the whales closer to the sea, but once they reached a busy bridge, they began swimming in circles and refuse to continue their journey back into the ocean. They believe the whales are frightened by the traffic.

Here's an ingenious thought - and it's just a thought, but I believe it deserves at least slight consideration - why not close the damned bridge for a day and reroute traffic long enough to get the animals back into the ocean? I know, I know, it's a stretch - everybody's gotta make that money and not only would it bother working "citizens" (it's California, after all), it would also end the news story long before the networks have gotten their chunk of change out of the mess - but what do you all think?

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  1. Today, they are trying to use fire hoses to drive the whales back into the ocean. They're not sure if it will prove a deterrent or an attraction.