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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Hey guys, I spent like 2 hours writing a new entry on Brian Harnois and Steve and the Ghost Hunters in order to straighten out some of the things I said like a year ago over to The Rundown. But, about halfway through it, it just became a whole different rant on just everything (I was drinking), so... I'll get back to it either today or tomorrow, and that's what I was writing to you about.

I'm working on some other aspects of the site. You might not be able to really tell it because a lot of it is behind-the-scenes stuff (coding, redirect pages, design issues), but I can tell you this much, there is a great new feature which I think both readers here and at The Rundown will be excited about, so I'll make the announcement there shortly.

I may or may not be posting here this weekend because of the time I'm spending on the site, so y'all go drink or relax for a while, watch Hex tonight, and we'll be back to business next week!

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